Twenties Girl von Sophie Kinsella (englisch)

Hello everyone,

I have just thought about writing a book review in English, when I read or heard the book in its original language. I hope you do not mind.

What is it about?

Laras‘ head is full of problems: Her boyfriend just cut of their relationship, her best friend and business partner run off to Goa and left Lara with a lot of business trouble behind. With all this trouble, Lara and her whole family have to attend her great-aunt Sadies funeral, but noone had ever contact to her or knew her when she was alive. Suddenly, Lara heards a voice and a few minutes later she watches a girl close to her age wearing a Charleston-dancing dress, who searches for a necklace during the funeral. But why cannot anyone else see and hear the girl interrupting the funeral? A few moments later, Lara recognizes that this girl is the gost of her great aunt Sadie, who cannot rest in peace without her necklace. Because Lara is the only one who can hear and see her great aunt, she has to find the necklace. But this is much more difficult than Lara and Sadie thought. Laras life with Sadie, who becomes bit by bit a kind of a friend, changes in a more glamorous way and the search for the necklace becomes scheming and romantic. Is it possible that both girls from different times, Lara and Sadie, could learn something very special from each other?

Do I like it?

In the first chapters, I thought about ending the book early, because the first scenes with Sadie were very strange. Sadie is a character you really have no clue of, because you do not know her aswell as the protagonist Lara. She seems to be used of the fact that everyone did everything for her and she always got what she wanted. But on the other side she agrees to help Lara with her troubles in life, at least a bit. The fact, that none of her family members ever got to know Sadie during her life, Lara has to find out a lot of stuff by herself about Sadies life and where the necklace possibly could be. Sadie is a mystery who needs time and trust, if you want to get to know her truly, but she really can be a pain in the neck.
Lara has enough problems to deal with and does not want to get an other one like finding a necklace for her dead great aunt she never met in real life. Soon, she finds out that a gost who can find stuff out for her, like observing the ex-boyfriend or finding a costume for tonights evening, is very practical. Bit by bit she finds out more about Sadies life and an huge intrigue, while Lara learns much about herself.
Both, Lara and Sadie, develop a big friendship, help and learn much from each other.
The style of writing is very nice, but I have not read but heard the book as an audio book. XXX read the book in a perfect way while changing her voice for different people saying something. Sadies voice was the best, irritating but likeable.


It’s not enough to believe! Don’t you see that, you stupid girl? You could spend your whole life hoping and believing! If a love affair is one-sided, then it’s only ever a question, never an answer. You can’t live your life waiting for an answer. (Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella)

To get to the point

A wonderful story about friendship, love, life and life goals. I really can recommend Twenties Girl, above all because of the wonderful ending.

Do you know Twenties Girl?


Title: Twenties Girl (in German: Charleston Girl)
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Publishing house: Bantam Press
Pages: 432 pages
Price: $9,76

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